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The Ford 460 is a reliable and consistent engine that every truck or RV wishes to have. Because of its longevity, you can buy an early model and still get strong engine.

The Ford Performance Gen 3 5.0L Coyote 460HP Crate Engine with Automatic Transmission Engine Harness is the perfect engine swap to give your Mustang the performance edge. Engineered to deliver 460 horsepower with 420 feet per pounds of torque, this engine ensures a 12.0:1 compression ratio for miles and miles of uninterrupted, dependable ....

Ford 460 7.5 V8 Fuel Injected Cylinder Head Part#: K282C(1) Complete New Cylinder Head Year: 1988-1997Models: Econoline Super Duty, E Series Truck, F Series Truck, F Super DutyEngine Size: 460 7.5L V8Cast #: E7TE F3TE.

Whether you have built up your 460 or wanting more out of your stock motor letting it breath is always the answer to more horsepower and torque. Having seen the drastic performance increase with ported and balanced single plane manifolds paired with multi-port efi we had to give it a shot. The result was an instant and undeniably increase in power.

Simple cheap process to increase fuel economy and up the power in your average vehicle. The manufacturers are concentrating on noise and cost when they inst....

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Nov 04, 2007 · The Ford 460 engine oil to be used is 5W30 or 10W30. How much horsepower ford 460? The Ford 460 cubic inch engine came with several horsepower settings. The typical 460 cubic inch Ford engine had a....

Ford 429 Truck 1979-1990 Ford 460 11/18/1992-1997 Ford 460 1992-11/17/1992 Ford 460 Car except Police 1968-1978 Ford 460 Performance Engine Kit Ford 460 Truck 1973-3/11/1985 Ford 460 Truck 1988-1991 Ford 460 Truck 3/12/1985-1987 Ford 5.4 VIN W 2000-2003 Ford 5.4L Vin L & M 1997-1999 Ford 6.0 Diesel Powerstroke 2003-2006 Ford 6.8 V10 1997-2004.